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OH my Turn Switch !
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OH my Turn Switch !
4:48pm - 28/09/2019

So I took my grandson for his first run DRIVING the TD.

He has been with me several times over the years.

As we settled in, with  him in the drivers seat and me next to him.

I told him to make sure it was in neutral and his foot on the brake with the hand brake locked up.

His smile told me he had this and was ready to roll.

He looked at me and I said OK "Lets Start This Pig"(from on old movie- at least from his point).

To my horror and in a frozen state,  I watch his hand reach for the dash.

But made a detour to the turn switch!

Yep, he gave it a twist and as the plastic handle broke off in his hand he said "why did it not start?"

When I was able to speak( I held it all in as this is my grandson ) I explained to him that the starting knob is that chrome one above.

Well To cut it short, when the engine started that grin came back to the both of us and we were on the road.

Even if  I had lost a $25 handle, it was one of the most memorable drives I have had in a long time. 

We had fun.

I repaired the handle with one of my old door latch levers.
Chrome knob on a shaft. I welded up the hold and used a file to cut the shape that fits the switch. Work great.
Comment by AZTD2 : 13/10/2019 11:16
Guess no one reads this stuff.
Comment by AZTD2 : 21/11/2019 19:24
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