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Engine rebuild

6/2/2016 Idea from article by  Richard Kellogg Feb 1985 

This is my story of how I had to rebuild the pedal box while I was re building the engine. Seats and floor boards are removed.

Ordered 3 new oil bushings from MOSS as well as a new pedal arm.

The bushing for the brake pedal  went in fairly well after soaking them in a can of oil over night.

Checked the new shaft and it would not fit.

Used a brake 2-bar hone and took the bushing's  inside, out a tad.  Checked a couple times, till it just started to fit.

Did not want to take it out too much and end up with a sloppy fit.

Now was the time to make the mod on the pedal shaft. As you might already know, The grease fitting is not mentioned anywhere in all the lube guides or books I have ever read on the MG TD.

This is why they are almost always in very bad shape every time you hear someone has taken it apart to “clean up a bit “.  The lube guides should have stated to grease it every 1000 miles to keep grit and water out of the shaft.

Anyway, I drilled a 3rd hole into the shaft in line with the 2 other holes at each end. This hole is placed 2.5 inches from the “C-clip end “. This is in line with the middle of the inside bushing.

Then I cut a 1/64th inch grove from each of the 3 holes, around the shaft.

I only went half way around each side. This will help the grease get to all parts of the shaft as the pedals are used. I plan on hitting the zert with 2 pumps of grease about every 1000 miles.

Also cleaning out the pedal box now and then of spent grease should make it a better job for the next care giver.

I then had to install the two bushings into the frame for the pedal shaft.

These were a very tight fit. Checked the O.D. size and matched it up with a socket and used a C-clamp to squeeze  them in place.

One at a time. The resting place has them just under  ½ “ apart in the frame.

Then checked the shaft fit. There was no way it was going to fit.

Used the brake hone again. Stopped several times to check the fit. I was careful not to get it too loose.

When it just started to fit, I quit.

It was now time to install the pedals on the shaft in the box on the frame.

As I have read, this is the worst project on the LBC’s. I cannot imagine doing this without the floor boards out

And after a good cleaning for the box and frame area, I placed the brake pedal in the box from the top. While from under the frame, placed a new spacer ( which from MOSS, are fatter than the ones I took off ).

Then had to look up the order in which to install everything.

This is the order for my LHD TD = 1. Pedal arm 2. Spacer 3. Brake pedal ( checking which way it goes on ** the tip where the foot pad goes has a flat side, this goes toward the driver )

4. spacer 5. Shaft woodruff key  6. Clutch pedal 7. Pinch bolt on the clutch pedal 8. Into the frame bushings 9. C- clip on outside of frame 10. Grease zert.

All this while getting the woodruff  key and moving the clutch pedal onto it and tightening the pinch bolt in place. Checking the movement of everything.  As well as clearance all around the box.

Now comes the time to install the C-clip. You will have to make sure the shaft is in all the way. Then install the grease fitting. Pump it up with grease and move both pedals back and forth.

Glad I will not be doing this again.