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The Arizona MG "T" Roadrunners club

Updated  1/5/2017

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                                Road Runner MEMBER SPOT LIGHT

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mike and Barb's MG TD 1/6/1953

TD23816  64 years old    < CHECK this OUT                    

The ROADRUNNERS turn  40 !    in    2016

The Arizona MG "T" Roadrunner Club,

Formed January 30,1976, is:

 Dedicated to preserving, using and enjoying all MG's

 and to those  who do so.

We are always looking for new members

or anyone wanting to know anything about our cars.

Please contact us, using the links below.


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JANUARY 2017 newsletter HAPPY NEW YEAR
The  Octagon Wheel

The Arizona MG "T" Roadrunners monthly newsletter in PDF format.

Members Cars


 Mike & Barb's "Sweety" TD23816 rebuild challenges


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Arizona Chapter of 

The New England MG "T" Register

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